HNT Helium mining with Nebra Hotspot

This is my first post here.
Does anyone have any advice when it comes to mining helium with a Hotspot miner from Nebra. I have just ordered two.

I live in the UK by the way!


Have them atleast 300 metres apart, with different connections

Any other hotspots in your place of living?

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There are a few in my city so far.

I’m looking to set up my two in the area highlighted by the red circle

hay where in the uk are you ?
im in brighton

Then Go forward, as I said have the two hotspots at least 300 metres apart.

Convince you friends and family to buy one, or get it from

If you have a lotta money, Place a bulk order, Give people your hotspots with a deal to share the HNT 50:50, 70:30, etc… (Emrit does 80:20 which is too much)

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Thanks man! I’m waiting for the first two to come through the post. If it all goes well I will order a lot more.

It’s just annoying how long it takes for them to ship it.

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Hey let me know if you have any that you want to share. I could host them for you while I wait for mine to get delivered!

yeah. what type of help do you need. and maybe one of my videos answered. I am working and supporting the Helium project. growing the IoT network in my location. @cryptechology YT channel

Im looking to Buy one and will be in the SE of england. Just wondered if they drain alot of your WIFI?

I currently have 70mbs so just wondered if thats going to be enough?


I just ordered 2 Nebra indoor miners. Can’t wait to get them. They won’t ship until June, but if this turns out to be a good way to get involved, it will be worth the wait. :slight_smile:

I missed the bitcoin mining boat. Getting into Eth mining now. Maybe I’ll finally catch one of these waves at the right time.

Good luck Helium mining in the UK! Hope it goes well for you.

@UK-mining nice one!

I ordered my Nebra Indoor too last week, have you received yours yet? I heard there was a 2 month waiting list but I could be wrong.

Best of luck from Kent, England! :smiley:

You sound just like me my friend! :smiley:

Because I missed the BTC boat too but when I start Mining Helium I will use them to help fund my ETH.

Can’t wait for my Nebra Indoor HNT Miner too! :smiley:

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I to have ordered my nebra and awaiting delivery I’m in the midlands (uk) a couple near by and am planing on adding a couple to family members local to me

I ordered the outdoor Nebra last week. I made the last batch ordered according to their website. I’ve ordered two RAK miners 5 weeks ago. It is unknown when they will be shipped.

ive got one running i got it from emrit ive not noticed any change with my internet at home i use sky as a provider
i hope this helps