HNT Helium, ready to buy!

Im ready to buy a BOBCAT! Does Vosk sell them? if not, Where is a good place to buy! I want to get one for now, may get 5 more if all works out.

Your best option is to buy it straight from Bobcat and wait around 6 months for them to deliver , or pay 3x on eBay.

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Or go for another miner , but you will still look at 3 months from now

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I have a MileSight if you have interest in that HNT device.

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how much? I have been checking on-line… everyone is weeks out! Have you heard of just tryn to see if they are legit. Might be intrested in yours though. Thanks!

in answer to the website you ask about… it is a scam with alot of red flags

Here is another red flag on this website. The menu buttons are messed up when you click on ABOUT US and try to return to home from the buttons. Poorly designed website because a good on takes too much time.
and speaking of time >

Created Dec 6 2021

  • Registry Expiration: 2022-12-06 10:11:05 UTC
  • Created: 2021-12-06 10:11:05 UTC

Only a 1 year deal for low investment and scam and run

Created Domain on

one of the most used sites for scams because they take fake information on registration and bitcoin for payment with no tracing.

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Don’t fomo yourself into been scammed , if they promise fast or cheap delivery is probably a scam , everyone wants multiple helium miners and production can’t meet the demand.

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