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So, I’m trying to do a ton of research before actually committing any cash to a rig. I’ve been looking into the basic components and am trying to decide on a good power supply. Getting something Platinum rated seems to be widely recommended. I’ve been looking at the Corsair HX1200i, based off of some good reviews, or possibly an EVGA SuperNova P2 1200W, because I can probably get a used one cheaper (and it’s also supposed to be solid). Any thoughts on experiences anyone wants to share from their own set-ups?

US region?
I use kenweiipc kw-1600wpf and kenweiipc kw-1300pg
Designed for mining, cheap and solid. Haven’t got any issues with them but not sure if they are available in your country

check local Letgo and OfferUp I got all my PSU used and have no regrets I have a 600w EVGA 1300 W EVGA G2 and another 1000 W Rosewill Glacier and I have to say I haven’t had an issue with any of them. I had the most luck with Mercari buying used mining hardware for cheap.

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Yes, U.S. region with relatively inexpensive electric, but only standard 15 amp wiring. Since it’s also in home, preferably something that doesn’t sound like a lawnmower too :smiley:

that EVGA 1300 W I got has an ECON switch on it to I haven;t looked into exactly what it does but i did notice the fan doesn’t always run when I have it in econ mode.

I edited the above reply where i said g3 EVGA i actually have a G2*

eco mode does just regulate the fan to come on only when needed.


I paid only $95 for it and it looked brand new when i got it.

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cool you can buy used EVGA at a low price :slight_smile:

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Yea, I haven’t had much luck with finding anything on there in my area. Usually people are pricing things too high (used 1050ti priced higher than I can buy one brand new, lol) or people posting ads that they will custom build computers for you. Unless I get lucky, I’m probably going to be working off Ebay and Amazon.

Mercari is the app i got most of my stuff on and I got it all shipped to me only thing i got local was a gpu and the 600 watt EVGA Mercari is similar to Letgo and Offerup but they will help you get a refund if necessary. Facebook Marketplace is another good place too that is actually where I found the GPU I bought today.

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Thanks, I’ll check those out :+1:

I prefer EVGA SuperNova’s for the compatibility of the PCIE and PERIPHERAL connectors. Other brands change the style and pinout of their connectors and they tend not to be compatible with other branded power supplies.

Using eBay I was able to SNIPE several EVGA1300 Gold and the P2 1200 Platinum models for only $70 including shipping. Things have changed … eBay charges TAX and Power Supplies are getting much harder to find.

I would not buy a Bronze rated power supply even though they are 80+ efficient. Gold is closer to 90% efficient and Platinum 92%. Titanium is best but who can afford that. Gold is the best buy/$$$.

Standard household receptacles are wired with 15Amp breakers. That allows for only one 1300W power supply. A 1600W power supply is the largest you can use on a single (dedicated) 20Amp receptacle and may be too much for a 15Amp receptacle. Remember, other receptacles may share the same breaker and have devices plugged into them.
Good Luck Shopping


I too would recommend the EVGA psu’s in gold or higher. I would stay away from the Corsair, read of too many problems with melting cables on mining rigs. If in US EVGA is a no brainer, excellent cust service, 10 yr warranty, and solid PSU’s.