Hosting at Mining Syndicate with CK5 for 11,250?

I finally have my funds in order ready to deploy to buy some minors to host, I am wanting 1 Goldshell CK5 and host it in Texas. I want your thoughts on price and hosting facility IF you have any. They offer hosting of the CK5 and the price is 11,250. This seems to be slightly higher than what I can buy it for, but is it worth it since it’s already with them and can be deployed faster? I noticed Steven @Master3004 has one for a little over 8k. What would your guys angle be for that? Also has anyone felt with Mining Syndicate in Dallas Texas? I spoke with William an employee there and he was very nice and pleasant to speak with. Your thoughts on this place if you have delta or are mining with them, of I may? Thank you all very much for your time and thoughts!

Dont know about the cohosting facility. But in my situation, I would do it myself. But I like the mining experience and the savings. You not really mining until you go through the whole process. Lol.

But there are Lots of factors:
-do you want more or less maintenance/hassle? Less with cohosting
-do you want more or less profits? Less with cohosting
-are you or your place or your family ready for a ck5 machine? Power, heat, noise, set up? Less with cohosting
-are you willing to spend the 3k difference?

I recommemd do a side by side comparison and see what fits you better. My 2 cents.

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Thank you Zpan for your input! I would like to have my own facility but at this time I am just wanting to get these miners up and running asap to start paying them off. I am perfectly fine paying for the convenience of the hosting FOR NOW. The wife amd I are wanting to buy some land for her horses and with that I might just build a facility at the same time!

This first batch I wish to buy 3 miners.

1- CK5 “fan of nervos and a holder of nervos”
2- s19 for the original OG BTC!

I would go Kadena, but just like stocks I hate buying at the top! Maybe next major bear market I’ll buy one.

Used CK5 US$8,824 and u gona pay over 11k ?> ouch
and i also offer hosting with contract that doesnt bust someones head open like they do - and dont make ya wait 6month to get somethjing running ( theyr prolly used ur money to buy the machine and run it 6months to make the money back again )

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Interested, PM sent Steven

sure give me a call 706-394-2332

Could have used your assistance before I bought 5 Avalon miners to be hosted by Mining Syndicate. Would love to get a tour of your facility if possible someday. I am in the Northwest GA.

private :slight_smile: even had to have google blur the place on every map :frowning:

for security reason

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Don’t blame you, to much machinery at risk. I’ll be reaching out after work today. Take care