Hotbit died - help!

I have various Cryptocurrencies I am unsure where to move to, such as Handshake, KLIMA Dao and WMEMO to name a few. What should I do?

Tradeogre has handshake

The easiest way to look for exchanges for specific cryptocurrencies is to go to , find your crypto and click the “Markets” tab. This will give you the list of exchanges that support your crypto


unfortunately this is the gamble you play when you get into obscure random coins. You never know how long or where they’ll be listed or supported, especially through a bear market.

the best thing you can do is to get into coins that have been through at least 1 bull/bear cycle in addition to any anti-scam research you do/should do.

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I do not gamble.

This is insane, no body has any alternatives to Hotbit, holy fuck the world is trash. How can so much happen without alternatives already created to such bullshit responses occuring in the works now, I am simply one guy without much money doing the best I can after moving to the coast in 2013 with absolutely nothing but $400 bucks to my name, This is all the more reason I truly hope society and people perish horrible deaths. I hate people.

Dude, don’t give up. Many don’t respond if they don’t know personally, myself included.

I don’t use them so can’t recommend them, but other some other exchanges i know that people use for a basket of different coins are, bittrex, coinex, and mexc.

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Most of those sound like SCAMS to me.

Bitrrix is located here in Seattle, but US users are now unable to access the platform, idk if it were any good or not?

bittrex shut down in 2023

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Well AwakendSprit, they are not scams. (although lets be real here anything could be fine and safe now and turn into a scam within months.)