Hotspot antenna install update

Good evening everyone. Just a little update on my Hotspot. I plugged in my rak and had it running on whatever the defaults were. I moved it around. Ended up having to put it under my patio for 2-3 days. It almost dropped to zero. So after i got internet to my workshop (something I never thought would happen but here we are). After I got to install my antenna in its home. I updated my height and antenna and It’s is safe to say my rewards went up a little bit. I’m hoping it improves as time goes on. Positive vibes to all going into the New Year.


nicely done

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Good job!

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Did you have to go through the syncing again?

I installed a new 10 dbi antenna and placed it in my attic to see if things improved but it seems to be syncing.

yeah you should power it down then update your info in the Helium app then power it back on. it should resynch quick

I’d mount that antenna higher. 10 meters is ideal but you might do great at 6-7 meters. Here’s a pic of one of my antennas, 7.4 meters high and I’m killing in my area

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i would also try and get it into open air