How Are You Guys Buying/Selling CKB

Hey all, I mined Nervos on my FPGA’s early in the game. I stopped once the Hashrate jumped and have most of my CKB locked up in the DAO.

I’d like to buy more and mining is no longer an option for me. But I’ve had the worst time trying to acquire it as a US resident. Huobi kicked me to HBUS, which is now defunct. Changelly doesn’t have it. Coin Gecko indicated Bittrex has a CKB/Tether pair but that’s not actually the case. wants a Canadian passport. WTF.

Can anyone here point me in the right direction?


Likewise, I mined a ton of CKB until the bottom fell out. I staked it for the last 6 months and currently earn ~ 3.6% on the staked coins.

Waiting for the correct epoch in which to select the withdraw option for the staked coins isn’t so bad but having to wait dozens more epochs in order to actually withdraw them is a pain…but doable.

How to cash them in? I registered with BitForex for a trading/exchange account. They accept CKB. I send the CKB to the CKB Wallet at BitForex, then move it into the market account … and trade CKB/BTC (make sure you select this). Once you have the BTC … I move it back out of the trading wallet into my account wallet on BitForex from which you can send it anywhere.

Sounds complicated, but it’s not .

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I too was in the exact same boat I suppose. I remembered a exchange vosk mention called HotBit which turned out to be pretty handy, no kyc but did end up taking like a $2 withdrawal fee when I went to move it. Here is a referral link if you would like to try it out :+1:

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I signed up and used your code. Hope you get credit.