How are you reinvesting your profits?

Just curious how you are reinvesting your profits from mining? I’m at the point where I can buy new gear/ upgraded.


I have a portion of profit allocated to maintenance, new miner purchase, staking coins mined, and converting into stable coin to stake or place on Anchor protocol (if you like UST).

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I am pretty new to the game so I am going to be reading replies for insight. Currently, I am …

  • KDA - Holding long term and selling portions when price spikes
  • LTC - Converting to BTC or selling for stable coin and re investing in up and coming projects with higher reward potential
  • HNT - Staking most of my coins and taking profits close to 50
  • CKB - Started mining this due to the recent activity of the dev team but due to the inflationary properties of the coin, I am for the most part converting to other coins with greater reward potential.

Thanks for the replies, just used some of my profits towards increasing my power output. Actually was able to use a 40% chunk towards a down payment on land as well last year. Really would like to use the rest towards a s19 but I can’t justify 9500$ on one.

which asic do you wanna purchase now? it’s bear market, do you think it’s good time to buy asics?

Market has really had an impact on the miner prices.

Just pick up the miners that mine the coins your sre interested in.

As long as it covers your electrical costs you are good to go.


oh I see, thank you.