How can I get more involved with crypto?

So how can I get more involved?
I mean yes of course I mine I mine doge/ltc because I have the basic miner then I mine noso coin off of some old cell phones. I intend on making my shed insulated and creating a area that’s is ran by solar but that cost money and money is time I just feel really ready to jump into this hardcore just curious what y’all think :thinking::thinking::thinking:

why not try to turn some time into money by airdrop hunting?


Air drop hunting haven’t heard of that can u summerize it for me??? I’ll look into it for sure

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I have a few idea’s.

Are You a THORchad ? (that will teach Liquidity Pools and basically the honorable path of DeFi.)

Do you have a Web3 Identity? (make a bunch, not 1 or 2, more like 15 so you can access any DAO network and governance vote or other things)

Join Sub-Social / Polkaverse , join GAB and/or Twitter (those 2 places have different crypto folks and idea’s/style’s)

Join , Any new project with a shred of respect announces there. Join in, volunteer or become part of a team (DAO).

Read, read and read some more and join in everywhere you can. Take every crypto class or school you can.

Any crypto project or group you know of, you should have signed up for their newsletter. I can’t stress enough how much signing up pays off. The best way I know of to get airdrops, events and white list is to have already signed up.

Make a few extra emails, so you’re extra free to sign up even more.
Never sign up with an email associated with a Crypto Exchange Account.

Some odd stuff to explore on the dark side. Are you familiar with a Tor based wallet addresses, and Tor mining?

If you like being a nerd. Host a WAMP program (FTP Host, like a webpage). Make it /local so only you and your home network can see it. On it, make pages of market Widgets from Coingecko and coinmarketcap. That way you can look at 1 local hosted web page and see all the prices (across markets) for all the crypto’s you’re interested in. Also post your own original downloads, like every single mining program or crypto thing you download, you put on that local website. Basically a giant nerd file that views like web pages, lol.

And lastly, become a wallet master. Get every kind you hear about. Have them up and running. Do you have a paper-BTC wallet, CLI or GUI for various networks. To access a network blockchain, in most current cases, you need to run a network CLI program(wallet) for that network. But… they’re all Linux only. So the info becomes layered. To get to a Network Blockchain CLI , you first need to know CLI’s in general, then learn Linux. Notice I said “Network Blockchain” not Blockchain, 2 world collide there, Coins and Tokens.
Learning wallets hardcore gets you to Google Chrome Extensions (like MetaMask or Keplr), then just the .js files themselves (like Sub-Social) (lol,yeah, even joining sub-social is not simple LOL)


Thanks allot kadiyania a lot of information to process but yes I’d like to be a part of a team I haven’t ever seen any classes on line or anything like that personally. I seen like a Bitcoin conference but that was in Miami which costed an arm and a leg to get into plus its Miami so everything is expensive lol again thanks for the information I’ll look in to all of it.


Yeah, looking at old schools I know of, they’re gone. Kucoin Academy, Binance Academy and Coinbase Academy seem like they’re gone or being edited or hard to find. But exchange academy’s are tricky and bias. The Shill 3 , is strong in this category. Between Kucoin Academy and Gemini HowTo was a world of difference in how they taught it, where as someone like Binance is going to make BinanceScamCoins (BSC/BEP) sound like a stable currency you’re missing out on. Most have changed their schools into Pay-to-learn lessons for users (they pay you like 0.2 USDT per lesson, to complete the lessons).

“Are you a THORchad?” was a real thing. It’s gone. They replaced it with How It Works - THORChain Docs , so if you’re not a THORchad, you won’t be.

But an old ace in hole still works. How to Create a Polygon Token - Moralis Web3 | Enterprise-Grade Web3 APIs That’ll pretty much teach you how all Tokens are created, how smart contracts work by connecting to the EVM or Cross-Chain and how they’re hosted. If you can make a Polygon token you can make SOL, ADA, DOT , KSM or any other layer 2 network tokens (such as art or info [web3] NFT’s). Most Token Network tech is very similar, network to network.

I know this sounds lame but people and chat rooms/forums are still the best cutting edge info. often all you need is the word/name and you’re off and running.
And of course, Vosk video’s. There isn’t many crypto topics Vosk hasn’t touched on.

And I know sub-social seems like a headache, do-eet. That’s one of the best public backdoors to insider info. People openly chat about in-progress projects. It’s just one of the many many ways you’ll know to trade some random crypto on some random day. We could say the same about twitter, but there’s 50 million other people there. Sub-social is not like that. the average eth-tard could never figure out the Sub-Social gas bot and would likely never view the open boards. It’ll make you Web3 proficient just making an account.

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