How Can I Mine Bitcoins For Free?

Hi. Is it possible to mine BTC or ETH? Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money to buy RTX 3090 or ASIC Miner?

If you have a computer you can CPU mine, but you’ll only be making fractions of a penny per day.

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Someone told me about shake pay… its an app and you shake your phone once a day and after so many times you get a Satoshi… I never looked into it because it sounded crazy, but maybe worth your time to research? GL

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You could mobile cloud mine on cryptotab or Ember Fund for BTC. There are a few other apps that you mine “alt coins” like Alpha, Pi etc. You could also theoretically mine on an Android phone with some work, not gunna let you retire but these are all free.

There is nothing as free these days my friend. Sorry to be the one to break it.

Everything has a price, if only you can make a profit after paying the price is up to you.

Buy the miner and start mining or buy the coin and wait for it to go up.

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Come on guys!! We are banking specialist and this is what we come up with … :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok rufjkia… I’ll just call you Ruf. Ok Ruf. So you need to use the device you are on and learn to do some kind of mining or something. Keep anything/everything you mine. Then go to, and . Sign up, become a full KYC member. Blockchain will reward in the future with air drops. On Kucoin/Binance attend both of the paid schools they offer once you are KYC, they both pay you. Somewhere shortly down the line you will have exhausted all your “earn to learn” options. By this point you will be fluent in crypto, networks and how to trade on various exchanges.
Around this time you consolidate all of your assets (including what you have mined) into 1 wallet. Go to KAVA.oi and apply to for a Mint/Loan which will include depositing all of your assets into USDX and minting a loan in HARD. Your loan will be calculatedly proportionate to your capital deposit amount.

Use the HARD loan to buy crypto miners. Stake all of your mining’s. Use the staking profits to pay off the HARD loan.


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yes , when you shake everyday you get satoshis.
you accumulate streaks for every shake , so when you shake for like 30 days straight you get something around 2000 satoshis everyday!

Nothing is free these days unless its a kick to your teeth