How can I mine from more than one pc - XMRig & MineXMR pool

Help please. I have been searching YouTube up and down. This channel has turned me on to using my old laptops-5 of them, and cpu mining with xmrig. I can not find a video showing me how to use the 5 of them mining xmr into one wallet even by using the config wizard. Someone please help. I know I’m sounding like a wine biotch but tatty I’m beyond frustrated.

I’ve mined other pools from several computers by using the same batch file to run the miner.
Even better, give each a RIG name (worker) and they show up in pools as separate workers mining to the same wallet address.
Nothing special in pools like ethermine , 2miners, etc…Just mine to the same wallet address

And also use XMrig Proxy Software for mining with multiple machines

Thank you all. Can you point to some videos showing step by step? I’m really having cognitive issues with this one. Not the brightest bulb in the box. I really thank you for your help

Here is a perfect step by step guide, incl. wallet, batch files… etc.
An example of a batch file is below the video, in the description. All you have to do is install XMRig on all laptops and change the rig identifier.

My setup looks like this

Hope that helps.

Thank you. Question? Now if I take that same batch file that I create and place it on each of the 5 laptops, will I potentially run into a problem with the pool im mining from or should I place the 5 laptops behind a proxy first? Thx

5 probably will not cause a problem but I would not add any more past that without a proxy. A proxy would not hurt though; you should contact pool support and ask them if you really want to know.

You folks are awesome. Thx. Ill let you onow how it goes tomorrow. Thanks again.

Ok folks just wanna follow up, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I now have two miners up. Success. Im gonna try to get the other 4 up today and be done by Friday. Next question. How can I check to see the local security policy setting for hugh page support?. I’ve tried via start button, windows administrative tools, then no local security policy to see. I’ve tried the run command at the dos level as administrator, it says no such thing found.

What pool are you using? Im having an issue connecting to a pool.

Choose any Mining Pool from here - Monero (XMR) RandomX | Mining Pools @Wegonemakeit

Thanks could find it

CPU Mining Performance Boost - XMRig Tweaks - Followup to Previous Video - YouTube its all here


I am doing a similar set up. I have a proxy server set up. Still each worker does NOT have a separate IP. Do I need to install the xmrig proxy on just my proxy server of install it one them all ?

You have to install the XMrig proxy in all of them…