How common are quality assurance problems with ASIC miners?

I recently bought an S19j Pro, (less than a year ago, so still under warranty) but I’ve had now 2 issues that required more than a simple restart or firmware upgrade.

First issue was one of my hashboards was no longer displaying - and it was due to the hasboard not being properly connected to its PCIe on the control board. (This as a rather simple fix).

The second issue I’ve just recently encountered is a faulty fan. Since recently, I’ve never had any fan issues, but now it just spins at 600 rpm, making mining impossible. So now I need to replace it. (I didn’t go into detail in this post, but I CAN confirm that that’s indeed the issue.)

I guess I’m asking because I was led to believe that Bitmain machines were S tier, but I’ve now encountered 2 issues in less than a year that required a little bit more maintenance than usual.

Are these common encounters? What have been your experiences with ASIC mining so far?

Curious to hear your thoughts. any insight is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

I’ve had similar issues,

Did a repair ticket to bitmain and they are replacing it.

Bitmain by far has super great customer service and warranty repair service has been speedy vs other Manufactors I’ve used for warranty work

@MrMike1992 thanks for the reply. Did you send back your ASIC altogether, or just the faulty parts?

For example, if you have a faulty fan, is it worth shipping back?

From my personal experience, Bitmain is probably the best out there when it comes to customer and warranty service.

I sent them the whole asic
I just got it back today

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