How do ASICs work if their coin becomes worthless?

I’m new to this and only now looking into ASICs. I get they’re set to a specific algorithm and can mine anything using it (Somehow? Unsure how you change it etc).

I see a lot of ‘mini-doge’ miners listed here. I assume that means they’re scrypt miners (Correct me if I am mistaking something). so if doge suddenly become worthless to mine they just point it to a new … pool? (I dunno lingo) and a new wallet, and it can continue at near it’s same rate else-where?

If that is true, why do people claim ASICs are worthless if their coin dies, and GPU is the only flexible one.
If it isn’t true, are doge-miners really just paper weights if doge goes anywhere?

(I am not commenting on doge’s potential at all, just I see it mentioned frequently and figured it was a good example)

Doge and Litecoin are both on the scrypt algorithm. So if Doge dies off, and LTC is still worth something then the mini-doge miner is still profitable. The “Mini-Doge” title is just marketing. You are right the mini-doge is just a scrypt miner and can mine anything on the scrypt algorithm, So it becomes a brick when it’s no longer able to mine any scrypt coin profitably.

I hope that answers your question.