How do I fix LT-5 Pro and HS Lite and CK5

I had a power outage not long ago and then suddenly my CK5 had one hashboard stop mining. I’ve had an LT5-Pro for awhile that hasn’t worked right; essentially since purchase form third party seller. It also has at least 1 hashboard down. My HS-Lite will no longer mine after the outage saying the fans aren’t working. How do we fix these issues? I have a couple Mini-Doge box miners that burned the PCIe connectors as well. Goldshell didn’t help me much (saying they don’t send out new parts**) and it’s frustrating after paying premiums for everything in the bull market. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I’m selling 2 lt5 pros if interested to buy or use to have to part out, they both hashing great this past year they been online

How much are you selling them for??

On the LT5 Pros I would like to get $1800/each this will include shipping and tracking confirmation

Contact ZEUS MINING to inquire about new parts for Goldshell. There are also test fixtures for testing CK5, HS5, LT5 hash board failures.

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I see you don’t have what I’m looking for. I need an LT5 Pro hashboard.


Hi, have you got in touch with our sales manager? Since hash boards are often out of stock, so we do not list all models of hash boards. I just contacted sales today and the Goldshell LT5 Pro hash board is currently in stock. You can directly contact us on WhatsApp Share on WhatsApp.

Do you also have DOGE BOX power/control boards and LT5 Pro control boards ??? Had some boxes burn out and while we are pretty sure it’s just the LT5 Pro hashboard; we might need the control board just in case it’s multiple issues.

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I have 2 LT5 Pros that are fully hashing fine if interested to buy I can mail out and am located in Paducah Ky

Yeh I’m not paying thousands of dollars for a machine that is basically obsolete with the Bitmain L7 out there; maybe the coin prices will go back up and then things change…just trying to find a cheap solution for my own LT5 Pro…

Yes, we have power supplies, control boards, hash boards, etc. You can always contact the sales manager when you need.