How do you take profits?

Hi Voskcoin community!

I’m still learning about the crypto space and I’m trying to make heads and tails of everything.

Does taking profits from a coin mean that I sell a part of the coin? For example, if one buys Eth at $800 and then it goes to $1600 does one sell half of the eth to recoup the initial investment leaving only .5 eth (by the way, I did not buy eth at $800, I wish I did though!). Just trying to figure out how this works for the future.

Thanks, everyone!


There are a few strategies. You could sell you’re entire position and look for a new opportunity to invest that in. Another option is what you said. Take out your initial investment, let the rest ride as “free” money, and look for a new opportunity with the original investment.

There are more, but I’ll let others chime in on what they like to do :slight_smile:.

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Actually ive started with eth then it was on 1100 dollars sice then i buy then its between 1100 1300 and sell between 1500 and 1600+ . then it hits my cap i sell and wait for the next low . so often last weeks i sell on sunday and buy again on Wednesday it worked nice the last 3 weeks i m on 3 eth now from 2 eth invest so i have atm 3600 euro made of 2000 :o

Maybe this could help u a bit out ^^ (sorry for bad english)
Gl hf <3

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That is certainly one way of doing it. Everyone has there own strategy when it comes to profiting off crypto. Hypothetically if your ETH example was happening to me I’d most likely sell it all, haha. Doubling an investment over a short term is rare so when it happens I’m likely to sell

Nice! Thanks @ezpzlmnsqzy! And no sweat, your English is great! From what I’m gathering, you find a low entry point to buy. Wait a few weeks until it accrues by a few hundred euro/usd. Then you sell. And wait for another low to buy back in at? You find that selling on a Sunday and buying again on a Wednesday has been the most lucrative. That’s incredibly helpful!

@RetroParc do you ever worry about being able to buy back in or being priced out once you sell?

As long as I’m making money instead of losing it, I try not to worry. You can hold, invest, stake, or buy and sell. Either way you can’t let what “might happen” interfere with making decisions for the most part. I mine crypto more than I invest in it so my opinions are purely my own

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@RetroParc what coins do you mine, if you don’t mind me asking? And after purchasing equipment how long did it take for you to break even?

I mainly mine Ethereum because it’s been the most profitable for my setup. It took about 6 months to break even but that’s only because I got most of my parts for free or discounted

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That pretty much sums it up in the most basic way possible yes, sell parts of the coin at a higher price

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Thanks for the info! If you happen to know of any miners that would work best for an apartment, that would be great! If not, I can start a new topic and see what people think.

Im a bit late but for a apartment i would recommend a goldshell box. low power and pretty quite while staying cheap and somewhat profitable. i personally dont have one but if i were to get an asic it would be a goldshell.

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It’s a version of a common strategy in investing but if you aim to pull 20% into stables when prices go up you’ll gain some profits and still hold for more increase.This is a long term play after all, timing crypto is next to impossible but after a few upcycles you’ll see your original investment back to a stable and still hold a position. On the flip side of that, when there’s a decent pull back you throw 20% of your stables back in each time. This helps you from going in or out to heavily or quickly and keeps you open for opportunities if they arise. Also, the Goldshell boxes are great for homes, being very quiet and relatively cool, but the Lite models are even better if you can manage a small amount of heat and noise.

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That’s awesome! Thanks @Budgetminer. I’ll look into Goldshell.

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Excellent! That’s a great rule: 20% profits when there’s good movement and put 20% in when it’s a decent pullback. Thank you @DeFi.Equipment

And I will look into a goldshell :slight_smile: