How does customs work

Hi all. I am trying to set up to order a couple miners from Bitmain. Can anyone tell me how customs works…what do i have to do besides purchase the miners…? Thanks in advance…

please buy from asic miner marketplace and don’t give bitmain a dime directly

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there are plenty of resellers who are cheaper than bitmain directly plus you most likely wont have to deal with customs.

Unless @BradshawsEK lives somewhere like NZ where I am. There is no local supplier. It doesn’t matter who I buy from, if it’s over $1000 NZD ($620 USD) then it gets a 15% sales tax and 20% import duty at the border. How that works here is DHL send me an email or a text (whatever is on the packaging) and I have to get that paid before it’s released for delivery. I also had to get an importer registration number.
It’s one reason why I like KS0 more than KS-anything over $620 USD.
If I buy from a seller that uses Alli Baba safe trader then the sales tax is collected at point of sale and I don’t get any import duty, usually. It’s a bit random.
Your country will be different - but we cant’t assume everyone lives in a country that has local suppliers.