How does mining software work? are there any legit one available

the purpose for creating this thread is to acquire feedback as regards BTC and ETH mining software whose credibility are questionable and a bait for scammers to carry out their dubious agenda on ignorant and curious internet surfers who are seek such services online.
Therefore, i will be glad if sincere reply are given in this regard.

Too many ASICs are mining BTC, so GPU mining is best left to ETH using the ETHASH algorithm.

The software works by connecting your NODE to a Server. That’s why you need the POOL URL to start the batch file running the mining software. You also need the wallet ADDRESS which the startup.bat file or minemycoin.bat file sends with the URL to the SERVER.

The server then sends your GPU’s (proper video driver required) jobs. Your GPU’s decrypt the piece of the blockchain sent looking for a solution (Proof of Work) in the least time. I you find a solution to the block before anyone else you win the block and the block REWARD. If SOLO mining, you win it all, and if POOL mining you share according to the PLAN and mining fees.

This continues with the next block, one after the other. POOLS only pay if someone in the pool wins the block. SOLO mining pays only if YOU win the block.

Mining software works on algorithms. The particular software will MINE any coin for which it has an algorithm. Sometimes one version of software can mine several coins. Other brands of software may also mine the same coins. One version may be faster than the other.

So, 1st determine which coin you wish to mine. Then google it for the algorithm and mining software for that algorithm. This may take several different searches. Download the software from a safe place like GitHub. Check the hashcode if desired to confirm a safe download. The software may need to be extracted from a zip file but not installed. Wallets (necessary for a payout address) however typically need to be installed. You may need to ALLOW your Anti-Virus to let the software run on your PC.
Finally, you must configure either a json file … or a batch file to include the URL of the desired servers pool and your wallet address (so you can be paid).

Simple right?