How far can an asic miner be from the router?

Hi, I’m new to mining, I just bought a iceriver ks1 originally it was plugged into my house router and worked fine, but because of the noise I had to relocate it to my shed, the internet went through another router then to the miner, I couldn’t get it to connect so we changed the second router settings to act as an extender and then we could connect and the miner worked, but only for a short while, I then tried a long cable from my house router direct to miner and it worked for a short while then stopped again, is the distance causing a problem, I would say it’s around 80 metres?

How is the ventilation and other aspects of the shed it has been moved to? It is possible other conditions are shutting down the miner. While distance can be a factor for wired or wireless I will say that typically it is a success or fail issue where it either works or doesn’t so that fact that it worked at first does not lead me to believe that distance is the issue.

Ventilation is fine, I would say it worked less than 30 minutes before stopping and when I say stop the miner was still running it just wasn’t mining anything and when searching for it on the ip address, it couldn’t be found, like it had no internet connection

The WIFI is a bit tougher to diagnose but if my math is right 80m is over 250ft so depending on the cable and the equipment you might be running into a problem from distance and I was thinking you meant running for hours but at under 30 min that does sound like it may be distance related. You might need to buy better cable and or an amplifier for it. If you want to go WIFI you might need to get a point to point WIFI bridge, often directional, to have that work properly.

ok thanks, I’m using cables, I have just tried plugging it back into it’s original location and it won’t connect there either so I’m guessing its a problem with the miner, I tried resetting it and that hasn’t worked either

I use a 150 foot length of cable on my miner setup and it doesn’t seem to have any trouble… Check your cables for any defects, etc…

Another thing you might want to do (if you haven’t done it already) is use a CAT6 gigabit cable to connect to your miner, from the router you have in your home. Make sure your longest cable is the one that can carry the most bandwidth.

Also, Ethernet cables are known to lose signal with increased length… If I’m not mistaken, around 300 feet is the maximum length of an ethernet cable before you really start having trouble… However, it’d be best in your case to shorten that length as much as possible I do believe…

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