How how many has boards should be shown mining dashboard antminer l7

Hi recently got the antminer l7 wanted the know how many has boards should be shown on the l7 dashboard

three hashboards

In mine only 2 are showing

What hashrate are you getting?

Posting a screenshot of your dashboard will help us help you

This is the screenshot need help

Check the miner log to see if 3 boards are being detected. If not, then it could just be a loose cable on the control board.

I check the cables in the has board also changed them but still same issues

Anyone can help me with this

I am also facing same issue. Did you find any solution?

I had an issue like this not long ago and I checked the log file and I could read the issue was with a temperature sensor so I asked on reddit and they suggested giving the sensor a clean because a tiny bit of dust on the sensor will switch it off, so I cleaned it and it fixed my issue. But I’d suggest reading the log file to narrow it down. Cheers

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Could literally be as simple as dist on the sensor ,clean it carefully and power it on and off hopefully that will do the trick

I thought this article would be helpful. If you have any questions, you can also contact ZEUS MINING’s technical support.