How I Make Crypto GAINS and Preserve My BRAINS!

How I Make Crypto GAINS and Preserve My BRAINS! I’ve made a lot of money investing in cryptocurrencies but I have lost a lot of money making a bad move with cryptocurrency too. Here’s how I secure my crypto gains and invest long-term! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Crypto millionaires are a real thing, and you could become the next cryptocurrency millionaire but only if you invested in the right coins and tokens AND also know how to preserve your wealth and take profits… This isn’t financial advice but I have learned some seriously expensive lessons over the years and I’m here to share with you some of my techniques on how I secure my crypto gains, and how stablecoins whether its Tether USDT or USDC or BUSD or GUSD or whatever US dollar pegged stablecoin or even a multi-collateral token like DAI can be absolutely life changing for you and help you achieve financial freedom as well as earn huge passive income in cryptocurrency!

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00:00 Today I am going to discuss one of my biggest tips
01:19 The biggest transfer of wealth in human history, Crypto!
02:37 the best exchange!
03:10 Stable coins play a key role in the crypto space
04:44 USDT tether, and its FUD
05:37 Alternatives to USDT tether
06:00 Why I think stable coins play a key role in the crypto space
07:12 Cardstack
07:54 Not every crypto is going to recover its all-time high
09:10 If you have huge gains, realize them in stable coins
10:00 If you want to take a break, go stable coins!
11:30 Conclusion crypto is a long game!

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How I Make Crypto GAINS and Preserve My BRAINS!