How is this efficiency? RTX 2080 Super


I just got into mining Ethereum. I’ve a RTX 2080 Super and in Afterburner I was able to get +1500 on memory and power limit to 40%. The GPU is taking about 112W right now and the hashrate is 43.78 MH/s.

That would mean the efficiency is ~0.39, is that good? The electricity is actually cheap where I live (India), but I just wanted some opinion on this. Thanks a lot!

Sry if I ain’t answering ur q since I’m new too. I just wanted to say that u look great homie, very classy. :+1: :wink:

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Hahah thanks man!

@Aaryan_sharma I don’t have a lot of experience overclocking and undervolting on Nvidia cards but those numbers look very good to me - especially the low power usage. I have a 2080 Super on my main working computer which I only use for a little bit of mining when I’m not using it for other activities. I haven’t done any tweaking because I couldn’t be bothered turning it on and off all the time, but using Nicehash software and stock GPU settings, I’m only getting 36MH/s at a power usage of about 180W.

I gett 44 MH/s at 104 watts or 0.423 MH/watt with a 2070.

You should be able to get a bit more out of a 2080 Super. Any Hash/watt over 0.4 is good for 20xx series cards. However, 30xx series cards like the 3060TI can get 0.504 MH/w quite the improvement.

I have seen RX5700 and Radeon VII get 0.60 MH/w using team red miner and compute mode with some tweaks. It’s all about saving electricity and getting incredible hash rates.

It’s on my main computer as well. I simply have two profiles in Afterburner and switch accordingly. 1 for mining and the other for gaming. I added another GPU (RX 480) to my main computer today, so I can game and mine at the same time now.:raised_hands:t2:

:thinking: that’s really good, can you please share your undervolt settings? Are you using MSI afterburner? I have +1500 on mem so I’m not really sure what other settings I should explore to maximize the hashrate. Thanks a lot!

Yeah as I said I’ve never really bothered to play around with my 2080 - might have a go now that you’ve indicated how much better it can get than what I’m achieving on stock settings. I might look to install Afterburner and have a go.

I have a 6 x RX5700 rig and I’m getting 0.692 MH/W on that so pretty happy with it. My 12 x RX570 are only getting 0.375 MH/W but they were very cheap to buy so it’s all pure profit now.

Nope, not for me and I now remember why I uninstalled Afterburner the last time. I just installed the latest stable version, downloaded from the official site and tried some modest overclocking.

It ate my anti-virus, it wrecked my Nvidia drivers and various other software stopped working. I tried to roll back with a restore point but that failed so I had to re-install my anti-virus and my Nvidia Drivers. Seems stable again now but won’t be mucking up this machine any more. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m much happier with AMD than Nvidia so I’ll stick to those and leave the Nvidia at stock, as I only run it for a couple of hours a day anyway.

Afterburner wouldn’t do that unless you did a really high overclock that it crashed the system. Plus an Antivirus will surely affect the hashrates as well.

But those AMD GPUs that you’ve are really good😣 the prices are just soo high now😂