How long before low crypto prices causes low miner prices?

How long before low crypto prices causes low miner prices? I think everything is still looking good over the long term, it would be nice to pick up a few miners on the cheap in the meantime…

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I’ve been asking the same question. My humble conclussion is supply and demand.
Right now semiconductor components are in global shortage at the same time as the demand for ASICs are high as crypto is being more embraced by the people. It these factors are in play the ASIC prices can stay high or even higher if the crypto currencies inflate.

If the supply of ASICs get more steady and if crypto currencies deflate maybe we can see a price drop of ASICs. However, the semi-conductor supply issue could last long into 2022 thus remaining at a shortage. Covid is not helping with the shortage as manufactoring plants in China will not be in full production capacity.

Maybe a new crypto bear-run will drop the ASIC prices as well.

Just my humble oppinion and would love to hear other thoughts as the reseller prices are insane high for some models right now.

We lost China as a user and is now only a manufacture of hardware. With China banning BitCoin mining within the country of China, they now have less motivation to not only make the ASIC devices, but use them. No matter if they just wanted to be a manufacture and sell via channels on the internet the scammers are seeing that market as a great place to make money and cause huge loss to those that only deal in Crypto. So back to credit cards and wire transfers and the Chinese do not like that method of payments since those are tracked by the Chinese government.

We dont trust them and they dont trust us. Bad deals equals no reason to be cheaper on hardware.

It’s all about money. When it becomes less profitable prices will drop. The less efficient miners have already started to drop.