How long can you leave your Crypto in DxPool?

Not sure what Wallet to used , So I was wondering how long can you leave your mind Crypto in the DxPool or F2 ?

Man, that’s a good question. Also there are a million wallets out there, and a million variations on every wallet. Good news though, this channel Voskcoin, and I also use Coinbureau, will set you on the right path. For me via Voskcoin & DeFi Wallet. And as for your original question
For logged-in mining coins, you can pause the payout yourself. After logging in, you must choose the desired coin and click the “Pause Payouts” button from the account settings page.

For anonymous mining coins, pausing payouts is currently not supported. If the previous address can no longer be used to mine, you must change your configuration to use the new address to mine.

If you are going to mine ETH, ZEC, XMR, RVN, etc., we recommend logged-in mining as payout addresses can be changed at any time. I got that off F2pool Mining page. Hope it helps and good luck!

Thank you for the info , but I really want to know is the DX pool like a wallet where I could just leave there .

Some one should answer

You can, however, I strongly suggest against doing so…

Like Matthew from Son of a Tech always say “Not your keys, not your crypto”

Always, I repeat, ALWAYS have your very own wallet (Preferably a cold hardware wallet, air-gapped, offline at all times), NEVER leave it on a wallet you don’t have the private keys to and cant control.


Not sure which wallet to use, use literally any wallet that you have full control/private keys to.