How long do ASIC miners stay profitable?

I am just getting deep into research about mining and I am curious about Asic miners.

I have a doubt, since ASIC miners only stay profitable for a year or 2, like it happened with antminer S9 or l3+

Can anyone tell me how long Antminer S19 will be profitable for?

And does this 2 year profitability thing apply only to ASIC or is it same for GPU too?

ASIC can become trash in months too, Hummer HNS Miner was one of them…
The profitablity depends on Current Hashrate/ Difficulty

If ASIC are introduced for first time in some coins eg. Kadena, Handshake Then Number of Miners produced to matter as they rise the difficulty by folds

GPUs are always profitable as per my view because they have a resale value too and does not turn into an scrap metal like ASIC

S19 will be profitable surely for a year and more, Hashrate is increasing but the BTC Price is also increasing