How long will an asic last? l3+ or others

I’ve been thinking about picking up a L3+ for my next miner. I’m curious how long asics last in general (or specifically this asic). The L3+ were made in 2017. If they generally get 4 years out of them, then most of the used stock out there today won’t last long enough to break even.

Any thoughts? Anyone been running these for 5+ years? I’m sure it really depends on the conditions that the asic was run it. Just looking for some general ideas on whether it’s worth it to buy a 4 year old asic or just save up to buy something that’s new.

The way I look at it is the conditions it lived in for XX years. As in you have no clue on the conditions. The Refurbs are best to think about but they can lie so much on these. All they have to do is rip them apart and blow all the dust out of them, they should look shiny and just aged at that point. Nothing was replaced, nothing was really tested… just the dirt dust removed.

Heat is the killer of electronics. The method these miners ran in is the important part and we can buyers in the USA have no clue as to what company really owned these things and had the best of the best cooling system.

Its all a gamble on buying used / refurb’ed.

Im running a Antminer L3+ about 4 years and its still running at 520 mh/s. The only thing i have to buy again was the PSU. The fans didnt work 100%.