How low can the Mini Doge Pro go?

$399 w/ free shipping from china… 50% sure it’s the same vendor from newegg selling them for $722.

Seemingly cheap:

Always expensive:

Anyone found cheaper mini doge pros? I’ve only got one so far and I have a whole house to heat… lol :laughing: apparently got the hint, $595 now down from earlier.

direct from goldshell

Goldshell MINI DOGE PRO Noir Version

$259 – $359


Awesome!! This is probably USD right?

Im in Canada so everything costs 1.26-1.29 x the actual price. :laughing:

It’s looking like straight from manufacture might be the best way to go as always. The only reason I use platforms like ebay is because they always pay me back no matter what as a buyer if something sours.

I’m glad I didn’t go and buy the lower end silver ones a couple months ago.

Keep dropping baby, thanks for the information guys!!