How many mini doge can you run on one APW 7

The breaker is a 20 amp the wire is 12/2 so I should be good on the plug for 1840 minus 20% which is 1472 watts and it says the APW 7 is good for 1800 watts. I have 4 on each one I’m wondering if I can run 6 on each one. Or should I buy another APW 7 and run 3 on each. Any thoughts?

A 120V/20A circuit should be maxed at 2400W. Following the 80% rule you should have a max of 1920W on the circuit. I’m not sure if the 80% rule should be followed in regards to the actual APW7. Ultimately if you max out the power supply the circuit should be considered full.

After reading about the APW7…Are you running 220/240 or at 120V? It’s only rated for 800W at 120V or 1800 at 220.

Out of curiosity … 2 questions…
Have you thought about an l3 or anything given the cost vs profit etc of a mini doge? Or is it based on the simplicity of electrical outlets to rin the minis?
Have you tried using them on wifi?
I’m contplating some purchases and options and wonder how you landed on the mini route… thanks!

It’s mainly because I want to buy new while learning and honestly they are paying for themselves. It’s probably not the smartest way to start but I don’t have $11,200 to get what I really want and I don’t want to buy used.

I haven’t tried the wifi I wasn’t sure how it worked. Plus my interest box is a good way from the room the miners are in and I wasn’t sure how good the connection would be. I seen the power line on one of vosk’s YouTube videos and went that route for peace of mind.

I’m on 110 so I’m way over then. I wonder why it hasn’t caused problems? I have 4 on each one now.

Cool… thanks… same boat here but I think ill make the leap in a few months… thanks for the insight!

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