How many scfm does S19XP produce at Full hashrate?

I’m trying to determine an alternative for this season’s Heating Oil requirements (pushing $6/gal)!!

I can’t seem to find any specs on the scfm the units are using at various loads.

I’d like to determine if I would have enough scfm to make it from the basement to the attic (2 full floors with 8ft ceilings). I’ll probably require a small blower fan to assist.

Also, are there any warnings regarding how the air-cooled miners are to be positioned? I know for Immersion, the fans are removed and the units can be positioned similarly to what I envision for home heating. I want as little back pressure as possible.

I’m envisioning a ‘collector stack’ (not an HVAC guy, so forgive the terminology) to act as a chimney, with a large square duct going straight up (on the inside of 2 closets) into the attic. Also, I envision a 90° turn that feeds an electric blower and outputs into a ‘manifold’ distribution system, which would come out into holes cut into the ceiling of each room (I know heat rises, but it’s the only logical way I can hide the ductwork.)

Also, I know I will be losing heat as the air moves through the system. However, at $6/gal for home heating oil (in October), it would be great to set the thermostat to about 60°F and see how warm I can get the house.

PLUS, I get to hodl BTC and operate at a loss, because I might still be saving money by heating the house. [I still have a lot of calculations to do…but, that’s where I’m going with this.]

*As an aside, I’ve already set up a business, so I would be expensing the electricity and paying the cost using money set aside for the home Heating Oil.

I welcome your thoughts!!

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First what’s your electric rate, because if your electric is cheap you and get a cheap miner like an ipollo Bitcoin miner for 1000 and maybe just break even. Or is you have even cheaper electric rate I can help find you a machine with a good roi.

I heat my home with miners every winter as well. I live in Wisconsin and haven’t turned on our furnace in 3 years.

I expense all of my electricity.