How many watts is my setup?

I have 4 goldshell doge minis. 3 of them are powered by my 1000 watt power supply. The last one has the goldshell single power supply. If the miners run at 233 watts each, do I add the 1000 watt power supply to the total to find out how many watts my setup is? So 1932 watts total?

No, you don’t add the 1,000w power supply. That is it’s potential output - but what it adds to the overall load is small. Just add up the miner’s watts and then add 15-20% for overhead.

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Get a plug in Watt meter and it will tell you the draw you currently have. or get a clamp on watt meter and it can indicate the usage too.


Under hashrate mode, each minidoge uses 250W.

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You should use the posted wattage plus 5% as stated on the site. The PSU itself is probably 7-10 watts without load if the fan is running. But the outlet meter is best.

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Thanks so much guys. I’m new to this still but learning so much everyday.