How Much Am I Earning Mining Bitcoin in 2024 -- ITS BAD

Why do I mine Bitcoin, seriously? and how much money am I making mining Bitcoins, and is it really worth it to build your own mining farm to earn passive income, or are you better off just investing in cryptocurrencies and stocks? Buy your own Bitcoin miner here!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 It’s hard for miner out there
01:00 How is much do I make by mining BTC?
02:52 Bitcoin mining is crazy competitive
04:26 What do Bitcoin miners make?
05:40 Losing money?
06:16 Underclocking for more efficiency?
07:33 Electricity rate is important!
08:14 What miners am I running?
09:20 Turn off miners?
10:13 Kaspa miners are way more profitable right now
10:55 Hashprice has never been this low?
12:18 Solar power or industrial Bitcoin mining
13:38 Just buy bitcoin?
14:15 Making changes?

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How Much Am I Earning Mining Bitcoin in 2024 – ITS BAD

Interesting to consider slowing down the fans to save money now…assuming you can get BRAIINs installed on your ASIC of course.

Okay $BTC broke $71K recently....what if it hits $100K....$150K....$400K would that not improve your profit significantly?

I am convinced that Bitcoin will not be trading this low by the end of this year, the only question I have is how high might it go.

Now that Grayscale has sold off everything they are going to sell $BTC wise, it has been reported that around 30,000+ Bitcoins are being purchased each week. While Miners are only able to mint somewhere north of 3,000 Bitcoins a week.

I understand that ETFs do not have to purchase Bitcoin, they just trade against the price of Bitcoin, but the reality is that more and more are in reality purchasing actual Bitcoin, thus it is getting scarcer and scarcer....feeling the FOMO yet...I know I am.

Consider that China will not let their citizens purchase Bitcoin, but they have ETFs trading it now.

A day or two ago, another country in that area of the world announced that they were launching Bitcoin ETFs.

When I talk to people at work about stocks, the topic of Bitcoin usually comes up, if not by them, by me and still today, June 7, 2024 so many people do NOT understand what Bitcoin is....
Which tells me we are still early, which is hard for me to believe considering the maximum number of Bitcoins that will EVER BE MINTED is so close, yet years away. (Sobering thought that the last Bitcoin will be mined, minted, created, after my death and I had three of four Grandparents live to over 90 years of age....I know, I know, my mileage may vary, lol.)

When Bitcoin hits over $100K per coin, either before December 2024 or withing 6 months after, say by June of 2025, that will be enough for me to know that it will hit $1 Million per coin before 2030...and I still plan to be alive way after that date.

Loved your video, going to apply this just like so many other things that I have learned thanks to the VokCoin Youtube channel....