How much cash is needed?

How much money would it take to get into a full-time trading space with Crypto?

That is impossible to say a number. If everyone had a target of $50000 USD and that ROI $200000 in one year everyone would be doing it.

Crypto is a huge word in todays market of buying and selling HNT, BTC, ETH, LBRY, DOGE, and list goes on. Each one has its plus and minus of project goals. Sit on it, sell it, trade it…

Coming in with a million USD would be a great start if I had it. I would do like the founder of VoskCoin… buy 100 arces, build a $250000 house, $250000 shop, $250000 in power generation, $250000 in ASIC hardware of every kind.

Bare minimum would be around $300,000, on average.

I assume you’re talking about mining
Long answer. The amount depends on your situation. Can you rent a warehouse space with power hookups? Renting a space with industrial rates would be cheaper than buying. How is the climate? Keeping your equipment cool is very important and extends its lifespan, colder climates are better for this. but hotter climates tend to have better power availability.

Biggest factor in how much you need to be in it full time is your personal expenses. If you need a six figure salary to make ends meet then you’re looking at the $500,000 range to stay in it. If you can live out of a shack and eat ramen noodles you could be looking at just $50,000.

Thank you for responding. Grateful for you time.