How Much Did My $20,000 of Miners Earn in 3 Months?

I have been trying to earn passive income mining cryptocurrencies, coins like Bitcoin produce millions of dollars of new coins per day, so here’s how much I earned with my $20,000 of crypto mining rigs mining Nervos Network CKB! This is a better miner to buy than a Bitcoin miner - Evergreen

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Nervos Network is building an Ethereum competitor blockchain, CKB actually has multiple blockchains and are investing millions of dollars into their own ecosystem so it’s a pretty interesting cryptocurrency to mine and then hold the coin long-term. Here’s a review on how much money or really coin I earned mining nervos network CKB with $20,000 of eaglesong ASIC miners over the last 3 months!

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00:00 Nervos network is the most notable coin to mine
01:02 What Nervos network miners do I have?
01:24 I’ve problems with one of the Bitmain K7s!
01:43 Are you playing Diablo 4 Yet? (Site quest)
02:33 How much I am earning with 3 Nervos miners?
05:11 Where can you buy a Bitmain Antminer K7?
06:24 The iBeLink Bm-N3 Profitability and what I am going to do with it!
07:19 Nervos Network updates and improvements
08:00 Nervos network market cap and trading volume & where to buy it!
09:05 Nervos network hashrate chart & CKB emission
10:00 My opinion on Nervos Network, should you buy/mine the coin?
10:40 What does a halving mean for Nervos Network miners?

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How Much Did My $20,000 of Miners Earn in 3 Months?