How much MONEY did I EARN Mining Ethereum for 30 days?!

How much MONEY did I EARN Mining Ethereum for 30 days?! I am mining Etehreum at home earning passive income with cryptocurrency. Ethereum is the best cryptocurrency to mine, but are the ETH and GPU miners still worth buying! This is the BEST miner to buy right now -

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GPU mining Ethereum is easy to do, if you have graphics cards, and Ethereum ASIC miners are super profitable according to the mining profitability calculators, but after spending thousands and thousands of dollars on crypto mining rigs, is it still really worth it to be mining Ethereum? Let’s review how much money did I earn mining ethereum for 30 days!
Ethereum mining is the best coin to ASIC and GPU mine and Ethereum mining will be the best coin for GPU miners and ASIC miners in 2022. There are a lot of dedicated Ethereum ASIC miners you can buy to huge huge passive income from home, but there’s also still GPU mining for Ethereum where you can turn your gaming PC into your employee earning money mining Ethereum. Let’s review how you can start earning passive income with crypto and earning money mining Ethereum!

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00:00 What’s it really like mining Ethereum?
01:15 Is mining cryptocurrencies a good idea?
02:31 The current state of Ethereum mining
03:37 How much did EIP-1559 impact mining profits?
04:33 Using you mining Passive Income to earn interest
06:44 Gas fees on Ethereum are crazy high
08:26 What does a A10 Ethereum ASIC miner really make?
11:28 Where to buy ASIC miners?
14:16 Is GPU mining still profitable?
15:23 Should you build more mining rigs?
18:12 Ethereum Mining is a risky gamble right now
20:04 How much do I make mining Ethereum?
21:21 Investing in Solana, Fantom, Cardano, Nervos & Binance Smart Chain
22:25 How long Ethereum mining time do we have left?

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How much MONEY did I EARN Mining Ethereum for 30 days?!