How Much Money My $12,000 of Ethereum Classic Miners Earn

Many are quick to write off Ethereum Classic Mining, but these miners are efficient and could be a good alternative to Bitcoin mining after the halving. Let’s review How Much Money My $12,000 of Ethereum Classic Miners Earn! oh and crazy AL box mining profitability! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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There’s been lots of talk about Bitcoin mining profitability after the halving, but we haven’t talked about Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining profitability lately. We have over $12k worth of ETC miners on the farm, including the Jasminer X16-P and the Jasminer X16-Q. These miners are expensive but efficient. Let’s check in and see how profitable these miners have been, how they’ve been performing, and some new and upcoming Jasminer models coming soon. We’ll also touch on a new and insanely profitable altcoin ASIC mini miner that just released and talk about if ETC mining is a good alternative after the Bitcoin halving.

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00:00 My $12,000 Ethereum Classic miners
01:26 Jasminers and popular FPGA miners
04:10 Insanely profitable ALPH ASIC miners
09:04 Jasminer X16-P and X16-Q profitability
10:37 Ethereum Classic vs other coins
11:49 Jasminer X16-Q performance
13:16 Jasminer X16-P performance
14:33 Jasminer X16-P insane deployment density
16:48 Upcoming Jasminers with 23.4 GH/s and 7.8 Gh/s
18:42 Should you buy mining rigs?

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How Much Money My $12,000 of Ethereum Classic Miners Earn

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