How much to invest for 100$ per day revenues?

New at this, exploring my options.
I’m thinking of starting with a GPU rig of 8x3070 but I really want to know what’s the hardware required for a 100$ revenues a day (either asic or GPU)?
Your thoughts?

So the math son

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Great source
Thanks man

So as I see it, and correct me if I’m wrong, I need hardware for about 2.5-3Gh/s to produce 100 daily. For the price of that level of Asic miner/s I can build a diy GPU rig that will get me there as well, and it will be easier to sell when I want to upgrade/move on… In other words why asic over GPU in my case?

I would guess and this is strictly a guess if ETH goes away from proof of work GPU’s profits will take a big hit. That’s a guess.

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Also something to think about if there is a mass exodus in gpu mining it will flood the market with game cards and the price will tank. So it may not be as easy to recover money spent

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The upside of GPU mining in my opinion is the flexability of algorithims and coins vs an ASIC.
At least from the standpoint of Ethereum because of the proposed POS upgrade, unless you’re talking about something that also mines ETCHash too.
With a GPU rig they can move fairly seamless into other mining, which I believe people will migrate to once ETH 2.0 happens.
I guess we willl have to see what happens, just thinking the flexability will be good because most people will not want to give up their passive income that easily and another “king” will be crowned in the POW world.

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As it seems I’m looking at about 50-60k initial investment for either asic or GPU miners plus overhead to get 100$ daily which is minimum one year to break even… With the market being so dynamic that’s allot of risk for that return. How could one shorten the break even point?

My best friend is a high up director of a large OEM network hardware manufacturer, they do everything from design to development, that might give me an edge(?)

For now it feels like it’s not the ideal time to enter the mining market but I’m keeping an open mind and all options are on the table.

The only way to to lower cost. Find a cheaper hardware supplier and cheaper power.