How to add Fantom FTM to Metamask and MAKE MONEY!

Fantom FTM is an exciting blockchain for making money with cryptocurrency staking, yield farming, liquidity mining, being a liquidity provider, and free crypto airdrops! Here’s how to make money on Fantom FTM! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

I’m staking and farming BOO on SpookySwap!
Official Fantom FTM website -
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Ethereum and Uniswap led the way for Decentralized Finance and really showed how incredible and profitable DeFi is but ETH as a blockchain is congested, so it’s really expensive to use. Crypto investors like myself are looking for alternatives, and a lot of us have used the Binance Smart Chain BSC with BNB the Binance token, its just an Ethereum clone and is good but still there has to be a better blockchain that is actually built for DeFi right?! Fantom FTM is a super interesting blockchain and crypto token, its not overvalued like Polygon MATIC and still has incredible usability. Let’s review Fantom FTM and how to add Fantom FTM network to your metamask account. Let’s also review Spookyswap so you can make DEX trades, liquditiy mine, and stake on FTM DeFi!

Official Fantom FTM website -
How to add Fantom FTM to Metamask - Set up Metamask - Fantom
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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Ethereum vs Binance vs Fantom for DeFi
01:17 Fantom and the FTM Token
02:58 DEFI tokens and alternatives to Ethereum
04:09 Andre Cronje says what’s the best for DEFI
06:18 How to add Fantom FTM to Metamask
08:21 How to buy Fantom FTM tokens
09:40 Staking some Fantom in fWallet
10:27 Staking Fantom FTM
12:30 Spookyswap BOO review
14:08 Providing liquidity, yield farming, and staking on Fantom FTM
18:08 Spooky Swap DeFi DEX review
19:34 Fantom FTM Decentralized Finance Review

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Fantom FTM review and how to add Fantom FTM to metamask guide

I’ve used to add bchains to metamask, like 2 clicks and its added. EzPz ,
,is there a reason not use it?