How To Become Eligible for the Coinbase Token Airdrop?!

Coinbase could be the biggest airdrop the cryptocurrency sector has ever seen, but they said no token right? So did Arbitrum previously, which is now one of the most valuable coin in the world! Buy the best miner for 2023 here - Evergreen

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Arbitrum ARB is an optimistic roll-up layer 2 scaling solution to ethereum, and so is Optimism OP but now Coinbase basically forked Optimisms blockchain and has brought their own layer 2 solution to market and uh they say that there will be no Coinbase token, but will Coinbase sit idly by when this could be the most lucrative endeavor they have ever embarked on?? Let’s hunt the Coinbase cryptocurrency token blockchain airdrop!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Coinbase is launching a layer 2 solution
00:47 Base could be the next big airdrop!
01:38 What is Base?
03:22 Cudos, the hash rate collection
04:07 How to participate in the base airdrop?
05:38 Bridging some eth to Base
07:18 Learning about Bridge (you could earn an NFT)
08:23 Block explorer on the base protocol
10:40 Deploying a smart contract on base
13:04 Should you try base protocol?

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How To Become Eligible for the Coinbase Token Airdrop?!