How to buy on MNTD

Has anyone bought from MNTD before? Wonder if I should put some money in Coinbase to prepare for buying a helium miner tomorrow when they drop?

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I believe they take credit cards, debit cards, and crypto. Im watching the clock myself.

Good luck to both of us :joy:

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Yeah, I’ve set my alarms to make sure I’m ready. I’ve been waiting 6 months for CalTech and it’s not going to happen. Good luck to all.

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ill be at work but don’t think I wont have to take an “important phone call” at the exact drop time

I also was wondering the same!! I have just enough $ to buy one so no time to fiddle with moving/exchanging into crypto. Need to know tonight so I’m ready in the morning! Anyone know for sure-for sure?!

Managed to snag one after clicking checkout for an hour after getting “Sorry there are too many requests at the moment, please try again.” on the first 600 clicks.

Good for you man

I was able to grab 2 gold after hammering the checkout button for a solid 45 minutes. Almost gave up.

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If you go to the Chat icon on MNTD, it says that they were extremely disappointed on how the drop ended up. Huge BOT activity, over 20 million requests. I kept clicking and walked away with a sore finger, my shopping cart never said “out of stock”, just let me keep clicking. Not sure when they ran out, but I might have been responsible for 1,000 of those requests.

That’s exactly what I did as well and nothing.

45 minutes! Rookie. I was clicking on “checkout” for a solid 90 minutes.

I put 2 goldspots in my cart at 11:00:15 and proceeded to click seemingly forever. Nothing.

At roughly 11:20, I opened a different browser and added 2 of the blackspots to a shopping cart to increase my odds of getting at least something. After about 25 minutes of going back and forth clicking “checkout” between goldspot and blackspot screens, I managed to snag the two blackspots. Go figure.

Still, I can’t complain with the outcome, though I’m puzzled with their order processing. It seems completely random. But IMO, it should’ve been first-in, first-processed. So I should’ve wound up with zero, or 2 goldspots, or the 2 goldspots + 2 blackspots.


want to sell one?

I missed the drop today. It would not let me add it to cart. Is anyone willing to sell there? Black or Gold spot.

I live in Canada, is there anyway i can get the MNTD miners, the website says not available in your region.

Sorry, not for sale.