How to Claim FREE $1000 Crypto Airdrops | OP Optimism

Here’s how to claim the biggest crypto airdrop of 2022, and it’s free?! If you’re looking for the next cryptocurrency airdrop, it’s here! Optimism dropped their own OP token, and here’s how to claim this $1,000+ airdrop! Subscribe to VoskCoin for more!

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Cryptocurrency airdrops have earned dApp users $100,000s of Dollars in the last year. Airdrops are an amazing way to earn passive income with crypto, just for participating in the various cryptocurrency protocols! Recently, Optimism announced that they will be airdropping more OP tokens in multiple seasons to their users and participants! The first drop has happened, so how can you claim the airdrop? Where do I think the OP token is going and should you sell your airdrop or HODL for insane gains?!

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02:08 Optimism airdrop and news!
03:14 How to check the eligibility Optimism airdrop
04:30 How much was my OP airdrop worth?
05:22 How to claim the Optimism airdrop
05:44 Crypto trading bots with Pionex!
06:17 Optimism ETH bridge
09:34 How to sell OP tokens
10:25 OP Tokenomics
11:26 Gitcoin is launching its new round of grants
13:23 Optimism price prediction
15:44 Eligibility for future Optimism airdrops

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How to Claim FREE $1000 Crypto Airdrops | OP Optimism

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