How To Deploy Bitcoin Miners in Immersion Fluid

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Cleaning miners, prepping miners for immersion, taking off fans, and even installing firmware that’s better for immersion mining, that’s the focus today! This video will show you how to prep asic mining rigs for immersion mining, liquid cooling your mining rigs is the best way to mine, if you can justify the investment in the immersion mining equipment, so let’s get to work and learn how to properly prep these miners for immersion liquid mining!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 We’re dunking Bitcoin miners!
01:34 How to prepare Bitcoin miners for immersion
03:30 Braiins firmware crash course installation
07:42 Testing Bitcoin miners before immersion
08:47 Removing fans from Bitcoin miners
13:31 How to clean your Bitcoin miner
14:34 Installing custom immersion handles
16:54 VoskCoin immersion mining for Bitcoin miners!

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How To Deploy Bitcoin Miners in Immersion Fluid

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