How to Fix an ASIC Miner

Have an ASIC miner that’s not working and want to fix that mining rig? Let’s walk through how to diagnose and repair an ASIC cryptocurrency miner, So you can get back to earning passive income mining! This is the BEST mining rig to buy - Evergreen

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Today we’re going to walk through how to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair a cryptocurrency ASIC miner. Specifically, we are working on a Goldshell CK Box Mini Miner, but if you have a goldshell mini doge that stopped working this process will be the exact same. Oftentimes with Bitmain Antminer ASIC miners not working they need a new fan on the miner or in the PSU power supply otherwise you need to likely swap out the control board on top which is basically what we are doing with this Goldshell box miner on a smaller scale. We’ll walk through how to inspect the miner for damage, disassemble the miner, replace the miner control board, reassemble the miner, configure it to a pool, and get it back up and running! We’ll also walkthrough how to re-configure your mining pool settings. Still having issues? Join the VoskCoin Discord Channel or post about it on VoskCoinTalk. We have an awesome community of cryptocurrency miners here to help!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 I’m fixing this broken ASIC miner!
00:38 What happened to my CK-Box miner?
01:22 Inspecting the ASIC miner
02:13 Disassembling an ASIC miner
03:13 Replacing an ASIC miner control board
04:43 Reassembly
07:20 Setting up an ASIC mining pool
09:54 How to repair a broken ASIC miner!

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How to Fix an ASIC Miner

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