How To Get Free Crypto -- Seriously! Xen Cryptocurrency Guide

People figured out how to get free cryptocurrencies using Xen and Bitcoin Ordinals where you basically just make a transaction on a crypto, and get rewarded with free tokens?! Here’s how to get some free crypto! Mint some free $VOSK tokens

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Xen is a cryptocurrency that rewards you by simply conducting transactions on blockchains, and then getting free tokens. Much like Bitcoin tokens brc-20 tokens, you can mint these tokens for free and some have achieved the marketcaps in the millions of dollars. Xen is a similar premise to Bitcoin BRC20 tokens but deployed on Ethereum, BNB Smart chain, Polygon Matic, Avalanche AVAX, and a bunch of other blockchains so here’s a how to guide on Xen free crypto and Xen staking, earning free tokens without crypto airdrops.

Minted a $VOSK BRC20 token just for fun on unisat -

00:00 This cryptocurrency is free!!
01:17 XEN is skyrocketing eth fees!
02:34 XEN market cap and Trading Volume
03:07 How to buy XEN on Uniswap?
04:37 How to mint that free XEN on Ethereum?
05:59 How to mint XEN on Polygon
07:53 How to mint XEN on Avalanche
09:14 You can stake XEN to get some rewards!
10:45 XEN h as also NFTs
12:29 Should you get the XEN token?

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How To Get Free Crypto – Seriously! Xen Cryptocurrency Guide

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