How To Get PAID For FREE Using The Internet - CIRUS guide and review

Cirus wants to reward you for your data, internet browsers like Google Chrome are free because they harness your data and sell things to you through ads, Cirus wants to reward you for browsing the internet with their cryptocurrency wallet, all free! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

Cirus Foundation official website - Cirus - Web3 Wallet - Home Page
Cirus cryptocurrency wallet extension -
Trade Cirus on MEXC - Log in to the official website of MEXC
Trade Cirus on Uniswap - Uniswap Interface

Cirus is free to use, so you can truly earn for free, and get paid, using the internet as you normally would, using the Cirus extension, earing their CIRUS crypto tokens.

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Get rewarded for sharing your data!
01:24 Meet Cirus
02:00 Cirus Price, Market Cap and Volume
03:34 How could you earn with Cirus?
06:57 Where could you buy Cirus Tokens?
07:40 Staking the Cirus Token!
09:13 Cirus Tokenomics and Roadmap
11:25 Cirus is planning to make a router!
12:10 Cirus Team is public!
13:01 Cirus has been audited by Hacken
13:50 Cirus Offer Non-Custodial wallet for CEX
15:15 Cirus could be a huge project!

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How To Get PAID For FREE Using The Internet - CIRUS guide and review

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