How to input custom mining pool

Mining XMR. Currently on supportxmr pool cause on the wizard I dont fully know what I need to type in to get these other pools like 2Miners, Nanopools, etc. How do I do this?

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The readme file that comes with your miner should list all the batch file command line commands. All aren’t necessary, but specifically, it will list the commands to enter the pool data, wallet data, algorithm, and worker. Follow those instructions in your batch file which calls the main program.

Secondly, go to the pool website. At the top, near the right side click on the word “Pools”. That will take you to the bottom of the page where you can click on your pool of interest. On that page you should see text stating “How to Start” on the lower right side. Above it you well see the URL, the Pool Mining address and port for various locations. You will need that, and your wallet address to mine in the pool. If you click on “How to Start”, you will see instructions for entering the pool and wallet address into the batch file for your mining software. See picture for help.

Also, at the top of the website, in the middle of the page, you enter your wallet address to view mining stats customized just for you!

That’s it, most pools have similar info … and Good Luck