How To Make Money with Metamask on BNB Smart Chain!

This is how to make money on BNB Smart Chain using Metamask, a full beginners guide and tutorial to ensure you set up your wallet correctly, and how to make trades as well as earn interest, stake coins and more! Sub for more income tips -

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MetaMask is the most popular crypto browser wallet at present, and knowing how to use it well on different blockchain platforms can make you a lot of money! The Binance BNB chain has exploded in popularity over the last two years, with millions of users and transactions every day. In this video, we’ll go over everything you need to know in order to get started with the Binance BNB chain and MetaMask! From adding the blockchain to the wallet, to importing coins and making decentralized trades, I’ll show you how to safely get started on the BNB Smart Chain!

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00:00 Chasing opportunities on the BNB chain!
00:52 Ethereum vs BNB chain
02:09 Setting up MetaMask for the BNB chain
07:22 How to get BNB coins into your wallet?
09:51 DeFi with PancakeSwap on BNB chain
13:08 A better DeFi alternative for PancakeSwap
15:14 How to track tokens on the BNB chain
17:34 MetaMask alternative for BNB chain?
18:34 Safely interact with different blockchains

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How To Make Money with Metamask on BNB Smart Chain! 2022 2023 guide


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