How to manage Strong Block nodes

I have some strong block nodes. The earning potential is huge on these and I love the project. My question is what’s the method for selling the Strong tokens to get USD? I have Trust Wallet so is there a way to send my tokens to my Trust Wallet, then exchange it for BTC, send the BTC to Coinbase, sell the BTC for USD, then deposit it to my bank account? Is this the current method or how is anyone else getting USD for their nodes?

You can use Kucoin exchange, check the markets section on STRONG token listed on coingecko or coinmarketcap.

Good luck!

Thanks, that’s good to know

A Strong node supports the Ethereum network and they reward node operators with a ‘Node Universal Basic Income’ on a ‘per Ethereum block’ basis for contributing to maintaining the network. Strong nodes are operated ‘Node as a Service’ and thus require no hardware.