How to mine any crypto with fpga cyclone 10

Hello how are you voskcointalk community. I hope you are well I open thread, because I have a fpga cyclone 10 and I would like to learn to mine with it I was recommended that I could help me here. I don’t know where to start. I was hoping that someone will help me thank you very much.

configuring a cyclone FPGA requires that you you know how to use altera’s developement tools as well as how to use VHDL (Verilog hardware description language) or other HDL (hardware description language). it’s def not trivial. here’s some resources

Hello, yes thank you very much for your help I will take it into account since there I should start but I think the question more than anything would be that programs I need to mine apart from quartus 2 and the fpga of course. For example I have another fpga xilinx xc7a35t is a development board apart from vivado I need, what mining software do I need? How do I make the fpga mine any cryptocurrency? Thank you very much.