How to mine Monero in a fast way

Dear friends, I am looking for the best, most efficient and effective way to mine monero.
So far it has occurred to me to buy servers from 4 or 5 years ago, which are very cheap and have Xeon processors, which I suppose will be among the most powerful for CPU mining.
But since you are the ones who know the most, I would like you to guide me on what I want to do.
Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

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Am also interested in menero mining with CPU. Anyone with useful info and guide should please contribute.
Thanks in advance.

I’ve looked into this a little bit, for the most part, it’s still not as profitable as GPU mining. But that being said its a lot easier to get ahold of CPUs than GPUs.

The biggest thing is what is the hashrate of the CPU you have, or looking to purchase is? Some of the best CPUs can be found here AMD is generally always better at hashing than Intel.

The other big thing to consider is how much power are these servers going to eat up and thus eat into your profits? If you are thinking about buying older servers they most likely require more power and aren’t going to be cost effective.

I use this profit calculator quite a bit to see if a CPU or GPU is worth buying or how long it’ll take me to recover my costs:

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