How to Mine Shiba Inu and Alternative Options

The Mining program called Unmineable allows the average user to get into the game, but what else is there… I provide another solution to help maximize profits for “Stacking Dem Sats” when trying to get as much Shiba inu as possible.

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i personally prefer the buy on the exchange option for what it would cost you in time and electric to use the unminable software. It would be cheaper to just buy it from an exchange. In order to cash out of unmineable you need to have mined 1,500,000 shib.


From what I understand, Unmineable is just an ethereum miner protocol that pays out in other tokens. You’re not really mining the token, just getting paid in that token.


They lowered the payout requirements now. 250000 shiba now but still takes forever. I have 2 old computers setup mining SHiba on unmineable and I have around 8500 shiba. They have been mining that for 2 weeks I think. I was doing Doge but it takes forever to get one doge. So not worth it. They are more nostalgia for me now. Looks like a trail through history lol.

The payout minimum depends on the network you’re on. ERC20 is still 1.5 million. BEP20 is 250,000, as is KRC20.

This makes more sense now. Thanks

Here is how i get my shib its the same principle as using unmineable except i use my asics to mine btc on ViaBTC. Now because i have a CoinEx account i can transfer from the mining pool to CoinEx for free with no minimum withdraw amount. Once in my CoinEx account trade it to usdt then buy my Shib.

I killed this coin for four months on a 3090. :confetti_ball:

Four months ago the payout was 600k, then, it went up to 2.5M, then to 2M, and now 1.5 mil. Either way that shit took no more than a day and a half when I started on this coin.