How to NEVER Get Ripped Off Buying Rigs

And I mean NEVER.
I’ve used it for selling and buying domain names. I am the seller of names others want, but I buy on behalf of clients.
You can go to the website, scroll to the bottom to get a quote without setting up an account.
As the buyer wanting to protect yourself, you will pay a bit more as the buyer pays the fee and typically by wire transfer, but some transactions are by check, money order, credit card or PayPal.
Have never had any issues.
Thinking about buying a miner from a private party. If the won’t use the service, I’ll pass.
Ebay: they use it for watches and cars, so for eBay (or other sites with third-party sellers) you have to convince them to unlist and deal directly with you. That’s more complicated.
But there’s very few guarantees in this world, helps.


What is the typical fee for the buyer? Also, have you tried dream escrow?

Ok I just checked the fee and it isn’t too bad considering how much you are spending to begin with.

You know the minimal fee. Only used them. If it ain’t broken…